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In Your Prime




Create a album cover and booklet that describes the music on the album. 


How I Made It My Own


I choose to base my design on Josef Salvat's song, "Shoot and Run". This song is full of tension between Salvat's voice and melodies and makes the listener want to move. I wanted design a cover that instilled a moment in time, much like Yeah Yeah Yeahs's cover art for "It's Blitz". I created an illustration that looked great with and without 3D glasses using an anaglyph tutorial. I wanted the booklet insert to be just as bold but the 3D effect was overwhelming. Instead I based the inside illustrations off of the Rorschach ink blot test. Using the same splashes on the cover, I created blots representing the pelvis and spline.​




In Your Prime CD Design


In Your Prime CD Design
In Your Prime CD Design

cd sticker

In Your Prime CD Design
In Your Prime CD Design

cd tray insert










In the original version of the cd's design, I chose to create the 3D effect with blue and red overlays. This created a beautiful color but it was hard for viewers' eyes to focus. This look away from the boldness I had aimed for. Along with fixing this, I worked on the issues I had with kerning.