Design a logo for a popular on-campus radio show called The Gravity. The logo must be recognizable, simple and versatile for printing on Student Media giveaways. The previous branding included a clip-art style astronaut and was space themed. 


How I Made It My Own


After listening to the show for several weeks, I knew I had to create a funky logo students would not mind wearing. I stuck with the space theme but decided to revamp it. The main logo is a simple typeface with a raised "G" to signify the letter floating away into space. The smaller version of the logo was inspired by the solar system. Social media banners, posts and profile images still contains an astronaut, but in brand-cohesive way. To take the work further, I designed buttons for Student Media Day and newspaper advertisements. 









newspaper advertisement  /  printed flier



The Gravity Poster and Newspaper Ad
Gravity Logo Small

logo  -  small

Gravity Large Logo

logo  -  large



The Gravity Social Media Icon
The Gravity Social Media Icon

social media profile images

social media banners

The Gravity Social Media Banner
The Gravity Social Media Banner

social media posts - desktop and mobile

The Gravity Desktop Social Media Post
The Gravity Mobile Social Media Post

Student Media Day button

The Gravity Student Media Day Button

Branding / Logo Design / Advertisement