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Design a logo for MSCHIEF, an up and coming blog for young women of color. The logo must be dramatic, fashionable, and fun. The content of the blog ranges from latest fashion news to interviews with young celebrities. 


How I Made It My Own


To capture the trendiness of this blog, I decided to make the logo as simple and dramatic as possible. Looking at zines for inspiration, I created a logo that worked in both neon and black and white. While a typeface centered in a box is simplistic, I evolved this idea. The expanded type in the logo represented the nonconformity of this blog's content. While the client only wanted a logo, I took this a step further by creating social media banners. These bright banners focused on role models such as Amandla Stenberg and Zendaya Coleman. 



logo  -  small

MSCHIEF Logo Small

logo  -  large

MSCHIEF Large Logo

social media banners

MSCHIEF Social Media Banner
MSCHIEF Social Media Banner










Figuring out the perfect combination of regular, wide, and extra wide letterforms took time. The final version contains all three types but looks cohesive, unlike earlier versions. Another issue was the border around the logo. An even boarder made the letterforms look trapped so I expanded the sides to give the logo needed space.