Phone Icons




Create a set of basic icons for phones. These icons should be tested for recognizability several times.  


How I Made It My Own


Taking inspiration from the trendy flat design style, I created 10 icons. I decided to create circular icons instead of square. A circular design emulates our fingers and thumbs, thus making it easier for the user to click or press on them. The choice of circular and flat design over the traditional square skeuomorphic style came from the want of a modern, clean icon set. 


Mockup for Handsome Devil Wine



Inspiration Board
Inspiration Board
Inspiration Board
Inspiration Board
Inspiration Board












Variation for Handsome Devil Wine

I never realized how difficult icons are to design. Many of the icons were redesigned several times. The last set of redesigns include designs for Messages, Notes, Maps and Weather. To test each icon, I printed out the sets and asked people to identify the function of each icon. While millennials were able to identify Messages, older people did not understand what this icon meant. Maps, Notes and Weather were redesigned only to simplify its design and make it stand out more.