Design a label for a grocery store wine using an illustration as the main element. 


How I Made It My Own


I choose Handsome Devil Wine, which is found at any Target store, because its current label design focuses on typography. The words 'Handsome Devil' remind me of Roy Lichtenstein's pop art females, such as Drowning Girl (1963). To incorporate the fun of the wine's name and the retro look I wanted to achieve, I looked at matchbook illustrations and halftone textures. 







Variation for Handsome Devil Wine








Inspiration Board
Inspiration Board
Inspiration Board
Inspiration Board

While the rest of the label was complete, I had a difficult time trying to pick the correct typeface to use. I picked AHJ Colonel in the end but this typeface was the first option I picked. I decided not to stick with this typeface for several reasons. With this typeface, the label looks as if it was meant for a hot sauce. The Spaghetti Western style of this typeface undermined the classiness I tried to achieve. 

Inspiration Board

Product Packaging / Branding / Illustration

Handsome Devil


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