Emblem Design

Tower Yearbook




To design an emblem for the 2015 Tower Yearbook Staff. This design should be flexible enough to use for promotional giveaways, social media posts, and shirts. 


How I Made It My Own


No respectable member of a yearbook staff is more than a few inches away from a pencil at any given moment of the day. From sketching out ideas to taking interviews, pencils are yearbook manna. Because of this, pencils were incorporated into the final design. Much like a pencil, the term "yerd herd" had to be present. A "yerd herd" is a herd of yearbook nerds. The staff chose this design, which was a combination of the simple and graphic designs below. 












The final shirt design was chose from a set of three designs focused on the term 'yerd herd'. One shirt design was a quote Herff Jones used on its social media pages with a small graphic element behind it.  The other design expanded on the idea that a yearbook includes the entire campus. The design centered on icons representing various clubs and areas of study NWMSU offers students. The final design won due to its personal appeal to the staff and badge-like design. 


© 2016 Caitlyn Burkemper

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